About Us

Meet our Founder and CEO of Bea Natural Essentials.

Hey y’all ❤️ My name is Bianca Martin-Hogans and I am the founder and CEO of Bea Natural Essentials. BNE was organically born in March of 2020. I experienced severe hair loss due to poor hair maintenance. I always felt my hair was thick and strong and could endure anything…..until it couldn’t. I have never experienced the amount of hair loss I endured during that time in my life! I immediately panicked. If you know me personally, you know I have consumed a plant based diet since February of 2018. With that being said, I turned to what I’ve known best to heal and fix me, and that is the Power of Plants 🌱 Earth’s natural resource. Our relationship with plants goes well beyond our survival. I began infusing natural herbs and oils and crafted a formula that I used daily and my husband used as well on his beard. By May 2020, a mere 2 months later I noticed a significant amount of hair growth and became obsessed with the results. My husband and I thought, hmmmm we may be on to something here!

However, 3 months later in August of 2020 the sudden death of my husband took a toll on my health mentally and physically. I was losing hair rapidly due to my anxiety and depression. My world had turned upside down. I let everything go, I no longer cared, until ONE DAY. One day, I woke up and it all clicked. I like to attribute the strength I endured that day to my late husband Andre, who continues to work through me! I knew then it was time to get back to work and put things in motion. It was NOW or NEVER!! I perfected the formulas, passed out samples to friends and family and remained consistent. I observed and studied my hair journey for a year and a half as well as my sample participants. Hair growth was out of control!!! The men participants were pleased with the moisture the beard oil provided their beards and loved the smell. Customer results are and always will be my motivation. I am so excited to start this hair journey with you. Bea Natural is a Lifestyle! Start today; It’s NOW or NEVER! ❤️🌱